Twisted handle paper bags

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Twisted handle paper bags

A HUNGAROSACK paper carrier bags – eco-friendly packaging solution


Paper carrier bags are really popular nowadays due to its attractive and exclusive look as well as its environment-friendliness.

Twisted handle paper carrier bags


Twisted handle is trendy, also it is comfortable for the hand.




The twisted handle carrier bags are strong due to the buildup of the handle: solid paper core inside (twisted by machine) and paper layer outside. The outside layer can be coloured. The twisted handle is glued to the bag automatically.


The material:


The material of twisted handle bags is natron, its colour can be natural brown or white.




To fulfill lower quantity demands we keep the standard sizes and colours on stock.


We can also supply you with small quantity screen-printed twisted handle paper bags within short delivery time.


Customised twisted handle bags - flexoprint:


In case of higher quantity demand the bags are printed by flexoprint (1-6 colours), this way the production is more economical, and the whole surface of the bag can be printed (including the sides and the bottom gusset).


A special plate (clishé) is needed for the printing, the cost of which we can calculate in case the final design is provided.




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